Red flags as Data Hiring Manager

No in-role promotion or growth within the company

Once you start being more senior, with around 7 to 10 years of experience post-graduation, you start being considered for a manager or leading technical roles.

Unrealistic job description

I have seen this type of description of the experience:

  • Developed recommendation system leading to a 15% uplift
  • Developed NLP chatbot for care support leading to a 20% reduction in manual effort
  • Revamp a global search engine yielding to 30% improvement

Stick to your position during the Interview

This one is quite obvious. Some parts of the interview are about problem-solving. There are many solutions available and none is perfect. Therefore whatever you suggest, the interviewer may challenge you to understand how you are reacting to feedback. Sticking to your position without good argumentation is not acceptable. Open up, and consider pros and cons of your solution.

Explain having done state of the art DS/ML but cannot grasp gradient descent well

An interview will rarely test state-of-the-art modeling and machine learning. Most questions are more limited in technical difficulty so get to know the basics of:

Read the screen

Covid life, most interviews are remote and conducted via zoom. While it is not reliable for the interviewer to ask “Textbook” questions they may be useful to understand the thought process or lead to another question. Think that reading on the screen or typing will lead to rejection. Sadly, I rejected more candidates for this reason than I hired last year while the questions were not textbook questions.



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